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True Blue

Welcome to my profile! I'm a web developer, a game developer, a digital artist, musician, and a reverse engineer. What a weird combination right?

3DSPlaza History:
I'm of course a senor member. I originally joined as MasterLight back in 2012 (account was deleted and recreated back in 2013). It still exists too. So yeah, I've been a member for 6 years and it keeps going by.

I'm a senor moderator on this website as well. I basically moderate the majority of the website so if you have a problem with any, questions, reports, feel free to PM me I guess. (No spam mail please).You can find me mostly in the chat. Even while I'm AFK, feel free to hit me up in the chat. A whisper (if possible) or a tag.

If I don't get to you, I'll get to you later, you just have to remind me.
((I NO LONGER DO PROFILE COMMISSIONS, I can assist with a few codes as best as I can, and no, I don't need your password to edit your profile for you so don't, just don't.))

My Projects:
Well, you can find most of my work on Github! Like what you see, why not star one of my Git Repos and follow for upcoming projects. I do break games and consoles for my own code to run.

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Chat Moderator
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Profile moderator
3DSDraw Moderator

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2079-9916-4916

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