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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
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Started by pikarceus
(2012-03-12 23:07:06)
pikarceus (2012-03-12 23:07:06)

A true legend.

Darkness is sweeping over the land of Hyrule. And you, the boy without a fairy, and soon to be the master sword wielding Hero of Time, is the only one who can stop it. That was the story in 1998. Ocarina of Time, the game that brought Zelda into polygonal 3D. And in 2011, Zelda was brought into stereoscopic 3D by the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Ocarina of Time 3D takes a once great game that has now aged poorly, and gives it a good fine-tuning and then some. It's not perfect, but it sure comes close.

Ocarina of Time 3D doesn't push the 3DS much graphically. A lot of the effects are very primitive by today's standards. Look closely at stairs and you'll see that steps are just a flat texture. Look at how blocky Sheik is. But compared to the original, everything is so much better. Character models are smoother, almost matching their concept art, textures are crisper, and the back-drops are real. In 2D the game looks good, in 3D it looks mind blowing. Along with a depth that extends far into the back of the screen, you have some nicely placed pop-out elements, whether it be a tree, Link's sword, or the glinting sun.
Along with that, towns and shops are much more busy, giving the game a much more lively look.

The original ran at a choppy 20 frames per second, now we can enjoy a steady clip of 30. This is just one of the ways the gameplay has been refined. All the items have been mapped to the touchscreen, along with a button for Navi and the Ocarina making access quick and easy. Instead of Z-targeting we now have L-targeting, which works just as well, if not better. You can use the gyro-sensor for aiming, improving accuracy.
And the Circle Pad works just as good as an analog stick.

The main game, aside from some easter eggs, has been untouched. Dungeons, puzzles, enemies, all the same. But everything still holds up well, over a decade later. The beginning dungeons aren't too difficult, it will only take 1-2 hours to conquer them if you have some Zelda skill. The later temples however, are monstrous labyrinths. I've completed dungeons in Skyward Sword faster than temples in Ocarina of Time.
Some bosses are very easy and repetitive, but that is balanced out by the more difficult and exciting bosses.
Puzzles are good, especially in the more difficult Master Quest (More later).
The game's main gimmick to travel between the adult and child Link worlds is used very well, most of the adult temples have relations with the child dungeons. Mini dungeons and mini bosses also crop up, making the game more interesting.
Enemy types are varied, and some require a good amount of strategy to beat.
The game has a few flaws, such as a lack of speedy transportation as child Link, and some plot holes, but I doubt you could find more than ten modern games better than this classic.

The sound has also been pretty much untouched. Just cleaned up a bit. An orchestra would have been nice (Aside from the credits), but Ocarina of Time only uses a 2GB SD card.
The sound is still great and full of detail. Running water, creatures of the night, and Link's demented screams as he plummets of a cliff give life to the game. The sound is also used as a gameplay element in the Lost Woods and with the usage of the Ocarina of Time. Tying the sound to the gameplay is something that strongly impresses me. The music is also great, but that's more of an opinion.

This game is very long. Unless you have excellent skill at Zelda, don't expect to beat this in under thirty hours. Take in all the side quests, heart pieces, and skull tokens, and you are in for one long treck. Plus there is Master Quest, a whole new game with more dangerous enemy types, more devious puzzles, a mirrored over-world, and double damage. You are a true Zelda master if you beat this. Nintendo/Grezzo also very kindly added a Boss Rush mode, in which you re-fight defeated bosses. I challenge you to look for another 3DS game with more content than this one.

In conclusion, Ocarina of Time 3D is one of the best 3DS games you could hope to own. Maybe the graphics could be a bit better, and maybe some gameplay elements are a bit outdated, but the truth is that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time truly is the ultimate hand-held experience. If you haven't already, go buy it now.

Overall: 9.5/10

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pikarceus (2012-03-12 23:41:50)
Nope. If Rob wants to do it, he can, but I'm wasn't going to wait any longer.
pikarceus (2012-03-12 23:42:34)
Ben and I discussed this already. I did this, so he can do the original Zelda.
pikarceus (2012-03-13 21:24:51)
@Nintendo3DS-KIU isn't out yet though.
Ron1212 (2012-03-14 01:10:39)
Love the review! I've been waiting for this one!
BioMan8 (2012-03-14 19:51:08)
...Gannon is easy! This game is easy but has tons of content!
Ron1212 (2012-03-14 20:45:15)
Skyward Sword probably took longer to finish than OoT. But then again...I've played SS for 70 hours and OoT 3D for around 100.
jdrelicharz (2012-03-19 02:49:46)
I've been playing this game a lot more. o.o It's so epic. e3e
who watches the watchmen?

Ron1212 (2012-03-24 22:48:58)
It is.
TetrisDude335 (2012-03-26 00:42:46)
Great review. I'll post the first out of 5 parts in my Ambassador NES reviews. I've tried 5 damn times on PC, but something bad happened and it either got deleted or the internet screwed up when I finished it.
Ron1212 (2012-03-31 23:20:26)
9.8, since it could have been a tad better.

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pikarceus (2012-04-01 22:31:28)
There is no such thing as a 9.8 score.
The reason I didn't give it a 10 was mainly because of the primitive graphics and the somewhat aged gameplay.
Ron1212 (2012-04-17 03:35:56)
Roxas17 (2012-05-12 20:35:51)
Love this game haven't beat ityet but its a lot like Twilight Princess.
If a friend needs me to be there, I'll be there! To help!

pikarceus (2012-05-17 21:38:57)
No, those were just the good pictures I was able to quickly find.
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