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Mario Golf: World Tour Review
Started by Nin10dude789
(2015-04-28 01:47:56)
Nin10dude789 (2015-04-28 01:47:56)
Golf, probably the laziest sport out there, but it's quite fun. Easy to learn, but hard to master. But playing golf with Mario, it can be different. So, how does it turn out?

Mario Golf: World Tour is basically Golf with Mario characters and as well creating their own version of golf by changing the rules quite a bit. But how good is it?


It's golf. What do you expect from it? It's just basically your Mii trying to be the best player in the Castle Club. Really, there's nothing special about it.


The game looks very good. Bright and colorful for a golf game. Usually, all you see is green and blue, but since you'll also play in different locations of the Mushroom Kingdom, the areas are colorful bright and colorful. The characters are detailed, just like Toadstool Tour on GameCube.

Overall, very amazing visuals for the 3DS.


The game has very simple controls. Just aim with the + pad, and use the A button. Simple, right? But what's challenging are the courses. You'll start off easy, and gradually getting harder. As courses gets harder, your frustration level will be higher too. As for the main game, that's pretty much the same too. Just play as your Mii and win all 3 tournaments. I still miss the RPG elements like older Mario Golf games, but this is still fine.

Overall, great gameplay.

Sound and Music

Sounds is also amazing. Lots of familiar sound from the main Mario series and as well your usual golf sound effects, detailed and realistic. The music is good. Some are very forgettable, but there are lots of familiar tunes as well.

Overall, good sound and music.


The game has decent amount of content. Especially the customizable rules you can play with. And the online modes are good. You can enter tournaments made by Nintendo, or other people. Trying to be the best player isn't easy, but it can be done. Then finally, you have missions, which is just basically coin collecting and ring mini games. Then for the main game, you can unlock costumes for your Mii, affecting how he/she plays. So you can create your own character and customize their look and play style.
You also have the option to purchase DLC, which adds more characters, and courses.

Overall, great amount of content!

Replay Value

The replay value is minimal, but it does quite the job. Like I stated before, you can enter tournaments, or even host your own tournament. Then if you find a costume for your Mii that you liked, trying to get enough coins to buy it just by playing the game.

Overall, decent amount of replay value. You won't be playing all the time, but you'll eventually go back and play it.

Overall, great game for golf fans, (I'm one personally) and as well Mario fans.

-Mii Customization
-Online Tournaments
-Customizable rules

-No RPG elements


Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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Nin10dude789 (2015-04-28 02:02:11)
Special Announcement!
In honor of this review, I'll be hosting a tournament! Anyone who has this game (which I doubt) can join!

More information can be found here!
FC: 2810-1347-6074
Games I can play: Smash 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Street Fighter 4, Mario Golf, Tekken

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NNID: Nintendude789
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