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Tomodachi Life Review
Started by Nin10dude789
(2015-04-14 03:05:26)
Nin10dude789 (2015-04-14 03:05:26)
I can't believe it, I'm finally a Newsposter! Thank you! In honor of the event I'll be happy doing my first review on this forum! Sweet! The game I'm starting with is Tomodachi Life! With no further ado, let's begin! (Sure, 2 years late, but I'll be doing it anyway)

Tomodachi Life is basically Nintendo's version of The Sims, but more family friendly. You can have your Mii, your family's Mii, friends, celebrities, or fictional characters and have them interact with each other! Is this game worth your hard earned money? Let's find out!


The game starts with your Mii moving in to an apartment within an island. So far, you're the only one, alone. As you are his/her lookalike and in charge of the island, it's up to you to bring more Miis to the island.

Yeah, not a in depth story, but just a general idea of the origin of your story! The rest of the game is up to you.


As you create your Mii, you'll give him/her a personality! The game is more like a point and click game, you can see how your Miis interact each other. Some will become friends, some will be enemies, or even fall in love. (And even getting married) Since each Mii will have his/her own personality, they will do completely different things depending the person they're hanging out with. Some may play video games, read a book, use a laptop, or playing a sport. It's actually quite funny and interesting. Some of the Miis might ask for your help, like feeding them, help their daily problems, or ask you a crazy question. If you help them, you'll get money and their happiness level will go up. As they level up, you can give them money, gifts, a quote, or a song. Some might even want to play a game with you. Although, some Miis will ask you a lot, which sometimes gets annoying, it'll feel more like a chore than an activity. But as you collect money, you can spend that money on food, clothes, apartments, or a trip to outer space. There's a lot of things to do!

Overall, the game is fun, but Miis can get annoying sometimes.


The game is realistic in a cartoonie way. Very bright, and colorful. The graphics are very good, and runs at smooth 30fps. The 3D effect is average, so I mostly play the game in 2D.

But overall, very great details.

Sound and Music

Sound effects are very average for a life stimulation game. Your traditional eating, waking, etc. But the music is also average. Nothing special, except the music of the main menu, that's awesome. (Especially the Smash 3DS remix!)

Overall, OK music and sounds.

The game has a lot of content. All the foods that you can collect, items to own, and more! You can save up to 100 Miis, so that's a lot of content already. Then you can do activities with your Miis, like playing Frisbee, taking selfies with your Miis, have a BBQ, and more! And don't get me started with the marriages. Some couples will have a child, so you'll sometimes have to babysit. When you babysit, you'll play a lot of minigames, depending how old the child is. Once he/she grows up, you'll have an option for them to stay at the island, (yes, it'll take up space), or have them travel to other islands. (That's StreetPass, more info later.)

Overall, a lot of content!

Replay value is very high. Besides trying to get Miis fall in love, or whatever, everyday, you'll see a bazaar daily news feed. Some can be very funny, or you'll be reminded of someone's birthday. You also get daily cash donated by the residents of the island. Depending what time of the day you start the gamel, you can have additional shops open, play a minigame called Tomodachi Quest, (a weird RPG minigame) or peek into other Mii's dreams. The StreetPass feature allows you to send and recive islanders and have them camp on your island. By the day ends, you can help them feel welcome, and make them send your message to other islanders.

Overall, very high replay value.

Overall, the game is fun, emotional, entertaining, funny, bazaar, and more.

-Random Humor

-Miis can get annoying


Thanks for your time reading this review, and as always, happy gaming!

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ChampionLeake (2015-04-14 03:40:36)
Good review

I'm a web developer, a game developer, a digital artist, musician, and a reverse engineer. A weird mix right?
My Twitter
Perfect_Chaos (2015-04-14 20:13:51)
It's been 2 years already?
Crush42 (2015-04-22 02:18:48)
Hot damn, it has been two years! Wow, time sure does fly...

Also, congratulations Nin10dude, this is a good review. Nice to see these sections finally getting new additions. Although, I'm not gonna lie...

Spoiler: show
I'm kinda jelly; been wanting to put some of my reviews up here for ages.

Like I said, though, great job. Just got Animal Crossing, so I have my hands full with that right now, and then several other games on my to-play list, but I've been really curious about this one.
Nin10dude789 (2015-04-26 00:46:32)
Thanks! I really appreciate it.
FC: 2810-1347-6074
Games I can play: Smash 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Street Fighter 4, Mario Golf, Tekken

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NNID: Nintendude789
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