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Cartridge: Kid Icarus: Uprising
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Started by TetrisDude335
(2012-07-14 23:21:03)
TetrisDude335 (2012-07-14 23:21:03)
Hello! As the title indicates, I am doing a review on the highly praised game that has been delayed so many goddamn times, Kid Icarus: Uprising! Now, let's start.


The Game's box.
This game was released on March 23rd, 2012 in the United States, right around the 3DS's first anniversary. It came with a stand and 6 random AR cards. This was also the first 3DS title in the United States to use Nintendo Network, Nintendo's all new online service that took over Nintendo Wifi Connection.


Pit in one of the early stages, fighting with a variation of the Cannon group of weapons.
The Gameplay is hard to get used to. There are multiple control options, such as the one most of you use, which uses the L button, the Circle Pad and the Touch Screen. There is also a different control scheme for lefties using the Circle Pad Pro, with the stylus in your left hand. The basic controls are shoot, move, and aim. Simple enough, right? Well, since this game is a 3rd person shooter in a way, it does take some getting used to. In the main game, you take control of Pit, to take down Medusa's underworld army. The stages compose of an Air Battle in the beginning, and a land battle afterwards. Once you finish up the land battle, you fight the stage's boss. Then, the chapter is complete. It works, and it doesn't get repetitive, especially with the humorous dialogue. Some stages take a deviation from that, such as one chapter only has Air Battle and a boss battle on land. There are 25 chapters in total, which is a lot of content for a portable game. Overall, the Gameplay is pretty good and doesn't get repetitive, though the controls take some getting used to.


The Japanese soundtrack for this game.
The soundtrack for this game is amazing. Each song fits the stage perfectly. And, if I'm not mistaken, some are orchestrated. There is a music player in the game, and some of the songs are unlockable via hearing them for the first time or doing certain objectives on the Treasure Hunts. As for the sound effects, there are different sets for each weapon and item and action, leading into lots of diversity. The sounds don't irritate you after a while, thankfully. Overall, the music is phenomenal and the sound is great.


The Graphics are very good.
The Graphics in this game are pretty awesome. The textures don't hurt your eyes, they are very well detailed, and the 3D has a great sense of depth. It has some of the best graphics and 3D on the system. They almost look comparable to Wii Graphics. Overall, the Graphics are well-detailed and the 3D works very well.

There is a Multiplayer mode in this game. There are two variants of it, both have the same core gameplay but work differently. In both modes, you take weapons you've unlocked in Single Player mode (or from rewards from other Multiplayer matches) and go up against others as you fight to the death. Each hit and kill add up to your points, ultimately crowning the person with most points as the victor. In some matches, there will be a mystery bonus, such as a power or weapon.

Light vs Dark
In this Multiplayer mode, there are two teams of 3 fighting against each-other. The goal of the teams are to kill the players from the other team, deplete their team's health bar, and make their Angel appear. The Angel is the person killed that makes the health meter drop to 0. The Angel is powerful, but it spawns with random weapons. Kill the other team's angel, and your team wins. Note that the higher value weapon you bring into the match, the more your team's health bar depletes when you die.

Free for all
In this mode, you fight against everyone else. This is more of a traditional multiplayer mode. You have to get as many points as you can by hitting other opponents and untimately killing them. The more kills and less deaths you have, the better ranking you'll get at the end of the match. You can set numerous options, such as the CPU's handicap, the number of players in one match, and the stage.

Overall, the Multiplayer offers many ways to play and is a ton of fun, especially for the users here.

Here, I'll list each Weapon category and have a short description for each.

These are the well-balanced weapons of the game. It's very versatile and can be used in multiple situations.

These are good for sniping enemies. These typically have a very long range and no homing, but their charged shots do a lot of damage.

These come in pairs, and these are good for speeding up on an enemy and doing a melee combo on them. They are more for taking out a single enemy at once.

These are good for shooting foes from medium-to long range distances. They have decent melee and great ranged attacks.

Another well-rounded weapon, these don't affect your speed at all, and have great homing. Good ranged attacks and decent melee.

The heaviest weapons in the game, these slow you down a lot,and devastating damage. These have great melee and good ranged attacks.

These are relatively heavy weapons that have projectiles that explode and bounce off walls. They are good for taking out groups of enemies at once. Poor melee and great ranged.

These weapons come in pairs, like Claws. These fire off two projectiles at once, making up for their usually low attack power. Good ranged and decent melee.

These weapons have great melee attacks and crappy ranged attacks. Their overall range is short and you need to get up close to do much damage.

Overall, this game is a masterpiece. Great visuals, great graphics, deep gameplay and a great story. The few drawbacks I would give this are the hard-to-master controls and the repetition of certain gameplay elements.

I give this game a 9.5.
pikarceus (2012-07-14 23:26:27)
Finally. The textures are very nice, especially on the multiplayer stages. So much detail. Character models are Gamecube level, Environments are Wii+ level. A 9.5 is about right. The controls aren't pick up and master, but they are very good I feel, having the Circle Pad be super sensitive and the touch screen camera and aiming control was awesome.
Noob (2012-07-14 23:27:50)
TetrisDude335 (2012-07-14 23:34:16)
Like how it broke mine. -Logan
(TLE)SmashBros (2012-07-14 23:37:57)
Maybe you shouldnt push so hard mines doing just fine.
TrainerPurple (2012-07-14 23:38:31)
I agree this game is awesome.

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TetrisDude335 (2012-07-14 23:39:32)
No-one's commenting on the quality of my review.
pikarceus (2012-07-14 23:42:30)
Use the [simg] tags.
Dragnet (2012-07-14 23:49:57)
Good job. You'd think that with such expansive games like this, it would be hard to cover it all, but you did it quite nicely.
What I wanna know is where's the caveman
TetrisDude335 (2012-07-14 23:52:55)
I think it makes it really hard to see for the PC users, but I will in later reviews. -Pik
Green_plesioth (2012-07-14 23:55:04)
Nice review. High score for a game. I'm talking in a weird way.
manster hanter scrubs
Ron1212 (2012-07-15 00:20:41)
You didn't edit the review?

THaT1GuY9001 (2012-07-17 08:45:21)

TetrisDude335 (2012-07-23 21:06:16)
Oh please, stfu about the late stuff. I bet you could never make a better review than me.
diazbro9 (2012-09-09 18:38:29)
This is a badass review and a badass game!
Add me on psn to play Battlefield,DCUO,Skate or something.

My PSN is SirDiaz321

Arkham Knight looks amazing
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