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Cartridge: Bit. Trip Saga part 2
Started by TetrisDude335
(2012-04-30 01:46:08)
TetrisDude335 (2012-04-30 01:46:08)
After a week of waiting (I went camping and I hated it. Too damn hot... e3e), I'm finally getting my lazy self to post the second part of this review, consisting of the latter 3 games in the Bit Trip series, Runner, Fate and Flux. Alright, now let's get started.

Bit. Trip Runner
This is the first (and only) Bit Trip game to stray from the 3 level tradition of the series. Instead, there are 3 worlds, consisting of 11 stages and a boss. The main gameplay is rhythmic platforming, where you jump, kick, block, slide, rinse and repeat. The levels last about a few minutes, making them much more fast-paced than the previous 3 games. One thing I didn't like is how the game doesn't have checkpoints. Since this game has a bit of Trial and Error, this could be a real pain on the harder levels. The music increases along with a few aspects of the game with each upgrade you get. Five are in each level, and the more you get, the more points you'll get. If you get all the gold strewn across a level, you can get into a bonus level based on Pitfall, a platformer for the Atari 2600. In these, one hit and you're out.

Quick reflexes are what's needed for this game.

Overall, this game is a very enjoyable entry and my personal favorite. There isn't many flaws, but no checkpoints is by far the biggest. It's the most modern-like of the series along with Fate. There's a sequel coming out for HD consoles, which may include the Wii U.
I give this game a 9.0

Bit. Trip Fate
Now this game returns to the 3, slow paced level tradition of the series. The gameplay is on-rails shooting, and your job is to shoot as many enemies as you can and survive. The enemies drop upgrades, which add to the meter for upgrading. Upgrading means more points, just like the previous games. There are a few flaws with this game, and one is the slow pace of the shooter. This game's levels reflect what you need to beat the levels, such as Determination and Patience. There are a few power-ups, based on other characters in the game. They have different affects, like making you shoot a lazer beam and making your shots cover both sides of the screen. The music isn't anything to write home about, as it contains a few chiptune noises and some low-pitched noises. Sounds annoying, but it's not a gameplay distractor or anything. It almost matches with the game's pace, just like the names of the levels.

Come on, why can't I get to Giga? //raegface

Overall, this game is a slow-paced game and a few major aspects reflect that. The game is a shooter, and while at the most part it's good, the slow pace really brings the game down. But, if you're the slow-going guy, this might be a good game for you.

I give this game a 6.5

Bit. Trip Flux
Beat. Memories of Beat come flooding back from playing this game. It's like visiting your childhood home after a long time. The gameplay takes plenty of cues from Beat and Pong, though with some differences. The game has the paddle on the right side of the screen instead of the left, and even more types of Beats are added. Such beats include the slightly transparent beats which are optional and hard to reflect, but give you extra points in return, and the blobs which are circular beats which you should NOT reflect. The gameplay is as good as Beat, the few flaws I found were how much it borrowed from Beat and the difficulty. The first 3 and Flux were the harder ones of the series, and ironically the least modern of the series. Beats come flying from everywhere, and a few missed beats can bump you down a level. The music is a lot like a chip-tune melody, not fast like Runner's, not slow like Fate's.
Overall, this game is one of the better ones in the series. Though it borrowed a lot from Beat and the difficulty is high, the game is quite enjoyable as a whole.

I give this game an 8.5.

Now, I'm going to rank the games in order of my personal preference.

6: Core.
5: Fate.
4: Beat.
3: Void.
2: Flux.
1: Runner.

Alright, hope you enjoyed my two part review. Overall, I rate the package of games as a 9.0 at the price you can get it at Gamestop, which is around 18 bucks.

Pictures coming soon.

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THaT1GuY9001 (2012-04-30 02:00:02)
Good review! Though i'm not getting this...
BioMan8 (2012-04-30 02:51:53)
Yay, part 2!
BioMan8 (2012-04-30 02:52:57)
...Where are the images? I know it isn't that important, but images would help.
Ron1212 (2012-04-30 03:03:30)
TetrisDude335 (2012-04-30 12:13:25)
*Read the bottom of the review
BioMan8 (2012-04-30 21:08:12)
Yay, pictures!
Nin10dude789 (2013-10-22 19:20:09)
Got this for $4.99!
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rayword45 (2013-12-18 06:38:50)
Get the Wii version if you can. Better.
ChampionLeake (2014-08-18 13:59:24)
A nice indie game
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