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3DS Download: Colors!3D
Started by pikarceus
(2012-04-14 20:37:11)
pikarceus (2012-04-14 20:37:11)
The most innovative app in the Nintendo eshop

There have been a few applications designed specifically for the 3DS, but admittedly none of them have been fantastic. Swapnote was plagued by horrible load times, Netflix by freezing glitches, and Nintendo Video by the whole "let's take your videos away but not bother to delete the extra data!" It wasn't Nintendo, but Collecting Smiles, who finally produced a top quality app for the eshop, albeit with a small few flaws.

Colors!3D is a painting app for the 3DS that overcomes the handicap of a small touch-screen and makes use of the 3D effect as well. Obviously, you paint using the touch-screen. Stylus strongly recommend. When painting, L opens up all your options. You can change the paint color, brush size and the 3D layer of the background. Basically the layers allow you to place paint closely or farther away from the 3D screen. The 3D layers are amazing, when viewed from the front you must have the 3D on to see them. There are different canvas options, such as wide-screen, portrait, and landscape.
Is the screen too small for you?
Colors!3D allows you to zoom in on the touch screen while the whole painting is displayed on the top screen, making coordinating your painting easy.
While zoomed in, you can also move around. There is much more, and you will probably spend your first hour figuring it all out. Colors!3D is certainly not a shallow app. When you finish your painting you can save it to the camera, upload to the gallery, and even play back your painting. I enjoyed all the options that were given to me. One issue I had was that the saving load times were a bit much.

Colors!3D is also a multiplayer experience. Over local wireless, you and a friend can paint on the same canvas. I don't know anyone with this application, so it is a shame you couldn't experience this over an internet connection. However, don't go thinking that Colors!3D has no online. It not only has online, it has very impressive online. It has an online gallery that allows you to share your paintings with others. You can like and comment in other people's paintings, social experiences that are a rare experience on a Nintendo system. You can playback and copy(save) paintings you find, further enriching the experience.

Sadly, Colors!3D really doesn't have any sound. Just a strange obnoxious clicking sound. It would be very nice to have some music while you paint, and considering the lovely sound track in the eshop trailer, no music seems like an oversight.

Depending on your point of view, Colors!3D has almost unlimited content or no content at all. There are no unlockables, achievement, or rewards, Colors!3D is pure, raw, painting.
Dedicated artist will spend hours or even days on one painting. Not so good artists may not enjoy the app as much, but the 3D layers and gallery will keep them interested.

In conclusion Colors!3D is quite the package. Gamers of all kinds will enjoy the app, and we finally have a social online experience on the 3DS. Not only that, but Collecting Smiles is yet another developer who has taken the stereoscopic 3D to the next level.

Overall: 8.5/10

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THaT1GuY9001 (2012-04-14 22:53:05)
Personally, I would have given it a 9.5. But good review!
Ron1212 (2012-04-15 00:41:51)
Should I get it?
THaT1GuY9001 (2012-04-15 02:18:22)
If you like drawing.
pikarceus (2012-04-15 03:03:57)
@Zoomer-lol, I have just felt like making reviews lately. I need to review everything I can before summer(crapstorm of games for me).
pikarceus (2012-04-15 03:04:50)
Oh the new format, yeah. I like it because it gives me more freedom. You can mix and match a bit more.
BioMan8 (2012-04-15 13:56:26)
I can't get the game untill I get more 3DS points.
TetrisDude335 (2012-04-18 01:33:48)
Nice review.
Smashsonic123 (2012-04-30 20:37:42)
Begs for Colors! 3D
Spend his money for a golfgame.
What a troll
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SuperShadic76 (2013-08-11 02:05:34)
Nice review as always.I see why its not free it should stay like that.I'll get it eventually...
I might use it everyday cause of view pictures and commenting like youtube still nice review!
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Nin10dude789 (2013-08-15 01:02:59)
I got this app with the left over money when I downloaded NSMB2, it's amazing. However, I have a different perspective than you, but still a nice review.
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ChampionLeake (2014-08-18 14:00:17)
Colors 3D better than Flipnote
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